Board of Directors

Operating as a united StellerVista, our new Board of Directors is comprised of 11 members, with 6 from one legacy board and 5 from the other, representing regions across our service area. This blend of expertise and perspective has been pivotal in building our new strategy and future roadmap.


Throughout the merger process, the Board has been deeply engaged, with an increased number of board and committee meetings convened to navigate governance integration, establish a new strategic plan, and participate in governance training. This intensive collaboration has been foundational in shaping our path forward.


Key to good governance is ongoing education. Our directors have access to a robust curriculum of courses, and all participate in various elements—both required and optional—in an effort to grow and develop in their roles. Oversight of a financial institution is no easy task, but our Board is well-equipped to lead a best-in-class credit union thanks to programs like CUDA (Credit Union Director Achievement).


In 2023, our Directors completed 75 different courses, representing an investment of approximately $85,000 in ongoing education and training, reflecting our commitment to excellence and preparedness for the challenges ahead.


Thank You Jean-Ann Debreceni!

In 2024, we will be bidding a fond farewell to our esteemed Director, Jean-Ann Debreceni, who has elected to retire after a remarkable 27-year tenure on the Board of Directors. Jean-Ann’s journey with us has been one of unparalleled commitment and service, embodying the spirit of leadership and collaboration in every role she undertook. From chairing each of the Committees to leading the Board as its Chair for fifteen years, her guidance was pivotal in steering our collective endeavours towards success.


Jean-Ann’s academic and professional accomplishments, highlighted by her graduation from the CUDA program and recognition as an Accredited Director, only scratch the surface of her contributions. In Cranbrook, her home community, Jean-Ann’s influence has been profound and far-reaching. Her dedication was recognized with the Sustainable Builders Award in 2018, and in 2019, her significant impact on the business community earned her a nomination for the Influential Women in Business Award in the Kootenays. Beyond her professional achievements, Jean-Ann has enriched her community with her creative talents as a costume seamstress for the Cranbrook Community Theatre and her passion for gardening as an active member of the Cranbrook Garden Club. We extend our deepest gratitude to Jean-Ann for her years of service, leadership, and friendship. Her legacy at StellerVista and in the broader community will undoubtedly continue to inspire.

Board Highlights

    • Darla Ashton completed her Institute of Corporate Directors – Director Education Program.
    • Jose Galdamez is now an Accredited Director with CCUA.
    • Larry Bomak completed all Levels of the CUDA program.
    • Joleen Kinakin completed all Levels of the CUDA program.
    • Denine Milner rejoined in September 2023.

    • 6 directors attended the World Credit Union Conference in Vancouver, BC.

In Memory of Marg Poohachoff


We wish to acknowledge the passing of Marg Poohachoff in early 2024, who served as a director for the Heritage Credit Union from 2009 to 2022. Marg’s tenure was characterized by her steadfast dedication to community involvement, leaving a lasting impact through her contributions. An avid gardener and horticulturalist, Marg shared her passions within and beyond the West Kootenay region. Her active participation in the Doukhobor community highlighted her commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Marg’s legacy is remembered as one of dedication to her community and its enrichment. Our thoughts are with her family and all who knew her during this time.

Director Information

Name Community Committees Meetings Remuneration
LYNNETTE WRAY (Chair) Cranbrook As Chair, Lynnette is an ex officio, non-voting member of all committees 66 / 67 $16,422.00
JOLEEN KINAKIN (Vice-Chair) Castlegar Governance Committee (Chair), Executive Committee, Conduct Review Committee, Integration Committee, Growth Financial (Chair) 68 / 70 $15,417.00
JOSE GALDAMEZ Cranbrook Nominations Committee (Chair), Investment and Loan Committee, Conduct Review Committee, Executive Committee, Board Risk Committee, Director for EK Property Holdings Ltd. 62 / 62 $14,208.00
LENI NORMINGTON Castlegar Integration Committee (Chair), Conduct Review Committee, Nominations Committee, Director for Growth Financial, Director for 398329 BC Ltd., Upper Columbia Cooperative Council Representative 73 / 74 $11,483.00
LARRY BOMAK Castlegar Investment and Loan Committee (Chair), Audit Committee, Integration Committee, Director for Kootenay Insurance Services (KIS), Director for Growth Financial 67 / 69 $10,583.00
SEAN SILVERSON Slocan Park Board Risk Committee, Integration Committee, Nominations Committee, Audit Committee 55 / 58 $10,358.00
DARLA ASHTON West Boundary Conduct Review Committee (Chair), Investment and Loan Committee, Governance Committee, 398329 BC Ltd. (President), Peer Group 3 Representative 39 / 40 $9,183.00
JEAN-ANN DEBRECENI Cranbrook Audit Committee (Chair), Board Risk Committee, Governance Committee, Director for EK Property Holdings Ltd. 47 / 47 $9,783.00
GEORGE FREITAG Cranbrook Board Risk Committee (Chair), Audit Committee, Governance Committee, Director for MoneyWorks 49 / 59 $9,588.00
BARB NUNES Elk Valley Audit Committee, Investment and Loan Committee, Board Risk Committee 51 / 51 $10,158.00
DENINE MILNER (Sept 9 to Dec 31) Elk Valley Conduct Review Committee, Governance Committee 7 / 7 $2,441.66
Russell Pask (Jan 1-May 3) Elk Valley Integration Committee, Conduct Review Committee, Investment and Loan Committee, Director for EKC Property Holdings Ltd. 29 / 29 $3,960.00
Dean McKerracher(May 4-June 1) Elk Valley Governance Committee, Nominations Committee, Conduct Review Committee, Integration Committee 3 / 5 $866.50