The inception of StellerVista Credit Union was undoubtedly sparked by the merging of our two legacy credit unions: Heritage and East Kootenay Community. As the idea of merging was first entertained, we quickly identified the fact that a new name could better represent exactly what it is we wanted to do. Ultimately – serve the residents of our rural communities – regardless of their geographic location.


The choice of StellerVista as a name reflects both our heritage and vision—drawing from the Steller’s Jay, a symbol of our provincial bird found in every community we serve, and ‘Vista,’ representing the diverse landscapes, from rocky mountain peaks to sandy river valleys, that our communities inhabit.


Entering this process, our legacy credit unions clearly held a shared vision and shared values – and we quickly became confident that a new name would help us come together in the most collaborative way possible. That with the new name, came a clear chance to build a new brand and new culture – all of which empower us to bring these values and vision to life. The process has been a collaboration from the outset, involving directors, managers, and staff from both legacy credit unions. A major leadership item of 2023 was not only the development and launch of our new name and brand – but the establishment of our values, purpose, vision and mission moving forward.


Access to local cooperative financial services improves the economic well-being of our members and our local communities.​


Every neighbour has the financial ability to achieve their best life.​


To provide stellar financial services and solutions that empower our members to keep it here and grow it here.​

As with any true brand, StellerVista is more than a name and logo – it’s the operationalization of the text above. It’s using our values, to chase our vision, and it’s an investment in the future, that builds on the past. An investment dedicated to ensuring the core of how we provide service today, locally, remains as prevalent as ever as we adapt to meet the evolving demands of the financial services industry and the next generation of members we are serving.


Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that StellerVista represents our commitment to being relevant and accessible to anyone you might find living in the Kootenay / Boundary region. After all, that’s us too – we are here living the same way our members do – ways that are countless and diverse, and rest assured we can relate. This is our strength as your local credit union.